New Air Transfer Grille Product Selector tool

Lorient designs and manufactures a wide range of high-performance intumescent air transfer grilles (ATGs). In everyday use, the intumescent grilles allow air to circulate freely throughout the building; but in a fire, the intumescent expands to form a solid block that stops the fire from spreading.

The correct specification of these passive fire protection products is critical. We are therefore delighted to launch a new, comprehensive 'ATG Product Selector' for our collection of intumescent air transfer grilles.

Designed with speed and flexibility in mind, the new ‘ATG Product Selector’ provides access to a wide range of tested air transfer grille systems on a variety of popular building elements, including; timber, steel and mineral composite doors, flexible and rigid walls, ducts and floors. The new web app enables quick and easy specification of the right product for your projects. 

Our intumescent air transfer grilles combine air movement with fire protection. Designed to be fitted in doors, walls, ducts, floors & ceilings; they provide a cost-effective solution in allowing free air movement and yet maintain the integrity of the application in a fire situation.

Our range of combined intumescent fire & smoke air transfer grilles can be used in all applications where cold smoke containment is required. These air transfer grilles are connected, via a control panel, to a standard fire alarm system. In the event of an alarm condition, or power failure, the smoke shutters close, preventing the passage of cold smoke.

The Lorient 'ATG Product Selector’ tool provides quick and easy access to a range of tested systems for a number of building elements. The tool allows users to select a specific product based on; the building element, fire and smoke resistance, level of protection required, test evidence along with maximum aperture size to filter the results. It is also optimised for different platforms including tablets and mobile devices.

PLEASE NOTE: It is vital that Lorient air transfer grilles are correctly specified, and the installation is conducted in accordance with our installation instructions by competent installers.  For more information or technical support please contact our team of experts, email or call 01626 834252