Acoustic, smoke & fire containment systems

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Door seal search/selector

Our new door seal search/selector provides access to a wide range of tested acoustic, smoke & fire sealing systems on a variety of popular door constructions and configurations.  Its optimised for different platforms including tablets and mobile devices. 

The tool allows users to select a specific decibel rating; along with door configuration, fire door rating, doorset type etc to filter the results.

The door seal search/selector will be updated frequently with Lorient’s ever-expanding portfolio of test evidence using our state-of-the-art acoustic transmission suite (find out about our acoustic testing services)

If you're looking for high performance or specialist applications – please contact us on +65 6270 1279, there may be some additional configurations we haven't presented.

Click here to launch the acoustic search. 

Lorient acoustic transmission suite.jpg Acoustic testing at Lorient