Acoustic, smoke & fire containment systems

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Videos & animations

We have a number of fascinating animations that bring our products to life, including a virtual tour around a building – which demonstrates where our products can be found within a building. Take a look...

Lorient's acoustic, smoke & fire door seals in a building flythrough
Lorient AAS8501 AURA® drop seal
Lorient Finger Guard seal
Lorient AAS8501 AURA® drop seal
Lorient AAS7501® AURA perimeter seal
Lorient AAS4505 AURA® threshold plate

We also have several videos, one unveils the results of an acoustic camera – dramatically displaying the difference between an unsealed door and a sealed door in an array of colours.

Visions of sound see the difference between a sealed and unsealed door
Lorient comparative, indicative fire door test.